History of the DRF Professorship

Endowed in 2000, the David F. Robitaille Professorship in mathematics and science education was established to support the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Education initiatives in the teaching of mathematics, science, and technology education. The Professorship serves as a catalyst for creating and supporting programs and research that enhance science, mathematics, and technology aimed at elementary and secondary schools, teacher education, and in partnership with schools, communities and/or industry.

About David F. Robitaille
Dr. David F. Robitaille, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia (UBC) was Head of the UBC Faculty of Education Department of Mathematics and Science Education (1982-1994) and Head of the Department of Curriculum Studies (1994-1999). He was the international coordinator for the Third International Mathematics and Science Study and has written extensively in the area of assessment of teaching and learning mathematics and science education. He has authored hundreds of publications including books, articles, and resources in mathematics education and continues to mentor his former graduate students now teaching and researching in locations around the world.