Teacher Innovation Grants

We are working in collaboration with the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE) and Growing Innovations through the RIX Professorship in Rural Teacher Education to offer support to school districts and teachers pursuing inquiry projects in mathematics, STEM, and Indigenous education. This year we began supporting 7 projects and most will carry-over to 2020-2021 due to collaborative responses to the global pandemic.


SD 36 Project: When Nature Speaks: Land and Nature Connections, a photo math book developed by Grade 5 students. 

    • Indigenous Understandings and Nature in Mathematics
      SD 10 Arrow Lakes with Anita Vibe, Elizabeth Tupper and Hannah Boomer (K-7)
    • Incorporating Place-based Learning, Indigenous Knowledges and Pedagogies, and Culture into Math
      SD 85 Vancouver Island North with Melody Watson, Serena Lansdowne, Lynn Walker, Anca Fraser and Kathy Hamilton (K-7)
    • In what way will Intentionally Integrating Authentic Indigenous Content Impact Students’ Engagement and Academic Success?
      SD 54 Bulkley Valley with Sandra McAulay, Jana Fox, Morgan George, Nicole Davey and (Grade 4-7)
    • Mathematical Engagement, Community and Culture
      SD 54 Bulkley Valley with Tisha Witt (K-7)
    • How are First Peoples Principles of Learning, Mathematics and Nature Connected in our Context?
      SD 36 Surrey with Shane Reader and Heidi Wood (Grade 4-5)
    • Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge in STEM
      SD 68 Nanaimo Ladysmith with Don Rinald, Ashley Beering, Kirsten Foglia, Mark Kamsteeg, and Laura Roberts (Grade 8-12)
    • Storytelling, Connecting Place and Experiences with Real-life Mathematical Problem-solving
      SD 60 Peace River North with Andrea Comber (K-3)