Family Math and Science Day

Family Math and Science Day 2019

Please join us for the 9th Family Math and Science Day where families, children, youth, teachers and community members celebrate math and science teaching and learning. The event is for all ages! Experience hands-on math and science activities for curious and inquiring minds.

Last year’s Family Math and Science day attracted over 400 attendees and over 130 volunteers. Save the Date Now!!!

For details on past Family Math and Science Day events visit:

The Event is FREE but we ask that you pre-register here:

Quotes from our previous events:

“What an amazing experience with kids and their families” (volunteer)

“I had no idea my child would love to solve these kinds of [math] problems” (parent)

“My child was the teacher today – I learned so much from her!” (parent)

“The whole day was very generative for me and I’m looking forward to integrating these ideas into my teaching practice and the communities I work in” (teacher)

“Wow! So many activities – I loved everything” (child)