David Anderson

David AndersonDr. David Anderson is a Professor in the fields of Visitor Studies, Museum Education and Science Education, and is the Director of the Master of Museum Education (MMEd) degree program at UBC. He has made significant contributions to these fields through initiating, reforming and strengthening collaborations between museums, schools and universities. Through these reforms his work has been instrumental in energizing the remarkable wealth of cultural, historic, and social significance represented in museum institutions. He is a Japan Foundation, Ritsumeikan and Unversitas 21 Research Fellow, and his research contributions span the Globe, but have had particular impact and relevance for the nations of Asia, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Japan. He has worked on the leading edge of the trends in educational reforms in Asia, identifying the needs, working harmoniously within the changes, and bridging disconnected groups in ways that are yielding considerable benefits to education. His work is releasing and revitalizing the extraordinary educational wealth of culture and history held in museums throughout the World.

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