Math at the Mall

Richmond Centre Mall

We won’t tell your children it involves the ‘M’ word!” The ‘M’ word? Yes, Mathematics! Our first Math at the Mall Event was a huge success with more than 150 people interrupting their shopping to play with mathematics at the Richmond Centre Mall on Thursday, October 4. Hands-on math activities including dice games, puzzles, optimization, logic, geometry, sorting, spatial reasoning, and probability problems were a hit with seniors, families, youth and children.

Facilitated by graduate students at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy and hosted by the David F. Robitaille Professorship in Mathematics and Science Education, Math at the Mall is designed to invite curiosity, playfulness, working together, and well just … fun with mathematics. Math is powerful, beautiful, creative, and enjoyable.

“I didn’t really think that this could be math!” (Parent)
“We came to the mall just to find the math table.” (Student)
“I liked trying again, and again, when I didn’t get it the first time.” (Student)
“This is not the math I learned.” (Senior)

Math at the Mall is one of the first in a series of M in STEM Pop-Ups that connects math and community. If you are interested in more information, please contact Cynthia Nicol:

Math at the Mall